Flounder Gigging is
the Adventure of a Night-time®!


Video of Flounder Laying on Oyster Shells

This video shows how well Flounder are camouflaged, in this case laying on oyster shell island, and the challenge of being able to see them.

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Do Flounder Gather or are they Individual to Feed?


A Gathering of Flounder

Flounder both gather or lay individually in the shallows to feed. One side (the white side) of the Flounder is stark white and faces the sea floor bottom. The other side, is camouflaged to avoid detection from prey and both eyes are found on this side.  Call or text us or at 904-556-0230.

Where are Flounder found?

Oyster shell beds (see previous video), Sandbars, along the edge of the Marsh Grass. They will lay along the edge of the water only 1" deep or they will lay in up to 3' of water.

Capt Mac knows where and how to find them!

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Call or text us or at 904-556-0230 to reserve your flounder gigging Adventure of a Night-time!

  1. Your charter group will be your group only, 2. The state limit is 10 flounder per person, 3. We include your salt-water fishing license, 4. Our Sunset Charter departs at Sunset, 5. All your fishing equipment is included, 6. Children are always welcome and we provide all life vests, 7. Besides Flounder you can also gig Sheepshead, Black Drum, Mullet & Whiting. You can also net Red Drum (Redfish), Speckled Trout and Blue Crabs. 8. Since we don't use bait we don't waste valuable fishing time trying to find bait, 9. We fish under the stars and Moon light so there are no harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun to be concerned about (no messy sunscreen needed), 10. There is no long, bouncy boat ride over off-shore waves to eat into your fishing time (we fish only in the smooth inland waters), 11. Sea sickness is never an issue because we are always in the back water and only a few feet from land (most of your fishing is done only a few feet from land in a very safe 4" to 12" of water as skim the mud flats, sandbars, oyster shell beds and marsh grass areas looking for Flounder, Sheepshead, etc), 12. Our completely enclosed full cabin gives maximum protection from the elements - no open-boat, windy boat rides! 13. There is plenty of comfortable seating for eveyone, 14. Capt Mac gives you a brief Flounder 101 course so that you can use proven techniques to harvest the Fish, 15. Our Adventures are very visual both below and above the water line. On the shoreline, we typically see Spoonbills (birds), Great Herons, Pelicans, Ducks, Sea gulls, Manatees, Raccoons, Opossums & sometimes Peregrine Falcons. 16. So get ready to have lots of fun!  

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We have been exclusively Flounder Gigging for over 20 years!

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Our Direct Email: floundergigging@gmail.com


Your Group Size may be from 1 to 6-People Each charter is private and will be your own group. This will be a memorable family-fun outing. 

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We Cater to Small or Large Groups


Our e-mail address is:


Email us for our rates and availability.

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Flounder Gigging Video

Check out this great flounder gigging video that these college students made up right after they gigged a nice doormat (aka huge) Flounder!

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About Us



   Your group can be 1 pp, 2 pp, 3 pp, 4 pp, 5 pp or up to 6 people on the Flounder Barge for each flounder gigging charter aka The Adventure of a Night-time. 

   Everyone's Saltwater Fishing License is included.

We depart twice each night. Once at Sunset and then around 12 - 2 AM for our 2nd charter of the evening.

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Length of Charters

Our Charters are 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 Hours in Length. We recommend 6 hours to gig over multiple underwater environments.

You will be gigging Flounder (and other Species) in the tranquil backwaters of Amelia Island, Florida including the creeks, rivers, saltwater marshes, oyster shell beds and inlet sandbars.

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We Get Flounder and lots of other Fish

Our Flounder Gigging Charters are highly-successful at putting you on the Fish especially since we don't have to use any bait! We just only have to see them!

You will be gigging Flounder, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Whiting, Mullet, etc. 

You can even get (net) Redfish, aka Red Drum, Spotted Sea Trout and lots of Blue Crabs which are everywhere.

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We Gig Flounder up to 18 Pounds!

We Gig Huge (Doormat) Flounder


Capt Mac will teach you how to successfully gig the really big Flounder in his Flounder Gigging 101 course.

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Everyone Gigs at Once from the Flounder Barge


It is common for several people to all have Flounders on the gigs all at once!

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Gigging a Big Flounder is Exciting!


Excitement is Contagious once a Huge Flounder is landed! 

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Meet Captain Mac Daniel - A 3rd Generation Native of AMELIA ISLAND, FLORIDA

Captain Mac is a 3rd generation Native of Amelia Island, Florida. Here he is pictured at 10 years old with his very first Flounder. This picture was taken by his Mom right before they prepared the Flounder with stuffed crab meat and his Family (including 5 Brothers) all enjoyed a wonderful dinner!


 Captain Mac is a seasoned professional Guide with over 40 years of flounder gigging experience.    

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In 2000 Captain Mac pioneered Flounder Gigging Charters aboard the Flounder Barge and has done thousands of flounder gigging charters since. With 40 years of EXCLUSIVELY flounder gigging experience, doing hundreds of charters each year, the very best boat for a group of up to 6 pp, he is the number one Flounder Gigging Charter Captain in the United States


We are the only Flounder Gigging Charter service in the SE United States. 

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Gig Huge Flounder with Capt Mac on the Flounder Barge


Most everyone agrees that Flounder are the most sought-after fish found in the the backwater. Captain Mac, with 40 years of gigging experience and 20 years of exclusively guiding Flounder Gigging charters will put you on the Flounder. 

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