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"WOODY" Wilson
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Flounder Gigging Charters

Flounder Gigging Charters!

Our normal charter time is 4 hours. Ask about our extended-time programs for the serious Sportsman!
We have been known to stay out Flounder Gigging ALL NIGHT LONG!

Peter, Marshall and Macey Hayes are all smiles after their first flounder is brought into the boat.

When & Where To Gig Flounder

Flounders tend to accumulate together in search of food
two feet deep or around offshore sandbars is often more productive
Multi-pronged gig is helpful with spearing the FLOUNDER
Best catches are made during an incoming tide
Try to gig on dark nights as opposed to moonlit nights

It is more productive to gig around jetties, oyster reefs or sandbars

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  The flounder will actually relocate itself and move up as the tide rises or falls. We time our location to coincide with the Flounder's feeding times.
   For this reason, we often "track" a flounder. This means, as the flounder relocates with the tide, it will leave "tracks" as it shuffles along through the sand to stay in shallow water.
   We will see its "bedding spots" and can often follow the "tracks", which have a directional pattern, right to the flounder. Gigging slightly farther offshore in water one to two feet deep or around offshore sandbars is often more productive during certain moon phases.
  Any moon phase is productive for Flounder Gigging. You can gig on any moon phase with great success. This is because we don't use bait. All we have to do is see the Flounder to harvest (gig) it.
  Stingrays also frequent the shallows at night. They are flat and can sometimes be mistaken for a flounder or stepped on by the unwary. Since we gig exclusively from the Flounder Barge boat, we don't have to worry about stepping on a stingray.
  The Flounder gigger should make certain to drive the gig in completely before lifting it out of the water.
  A multi-pronged gig is the best gig to use and are the ones that we use on your Flounder Gigging charter.

  Although flounder can be gigged in almost any portion of the shoreline, it is more often productive to gig around sandbars marsh grass or oyster reefs that extend from shore into the bay.

 Flounder do not swim continuously, so they tend to accumulate in such places in their search for food. During the spring, gigging anglers should work the edges of channels, such as the backwater, as the fish are moving back into the marsh areas from the ocean.
  Floundering is productive all year long (Jan - Dec) in Northeast Florida where we are located.
  There are certain times of the night where multitudes of flounders will be seen in and around the shallow areas as they feed on mud minnows and small shrimp and we target these windows of opportunity during our gigging charters.
  The best catches with gigs are made in the back water and sandbar areas. Spots with cord grass along the shoreline are good producers, and a bottom that is slightly silty or muddy generally is sometimes better than a hard sand bottom. The mouths of small bayous and sloughs often yield flounder.
  Good visibility is very important to the success of any floundering trip so we work the calm areas behind protected shorelines for best results.
  Excellent catches are made either during an incoming or outgoing tide because the Flounder are slowly moving to or from the water's edge as they feed. We motor to our starting point, shut off and trim up the outboard motor and then quietly maneuver upstream or downstream along the Flounder habitats.