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DeWitt BrownDeWitt Brown
Charter Trip Date:
Saturday, February 5, 2005

Cap't Mac,

   Thanks for showing us a great time flounder gigging over Super Bowl weekend. As Eagles fans, it was definitely the weekend's top highlight! I've recommended you to all my friends. In fact, your website has caused quite a splash amongst them.

My girlfriend wants to go gigging just so she can get her picture on your site! Thanks for introducing us to a great sport. Your infectious enthusiasm was great and I can't wait to get out on the water again.

885 Third Avenue, Suite 1000, New York, NY 10022-4802

Ray & Dawn DouglasRay & Dawn Douglas
Charter Trip Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 2005

Capt. Mac,

   Ray and I had a great time on the trip Saturday night. We were very excited to get so many flounder and mullet. Your boat makes for a very comfortable experience. We only have one complaint........it was too short!!! :) Just kidding, your four-hour trip is ample time to get plenty of flounder and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks for a great time and we will be recommending you to everyone we know. We are looking forward to seeing the pictures on the website so we can tell all our friends and family to check it out.

Dawn & Ray Douglas
Kissimmee, Florida

Jeffrey P. WatsonJ. P. Watson
Charter Trip Date: Saturday, January 1, 2005

Captain Mac,

   Thanks for the email and pictures. We are sharing your website and our enjoyable flounder gigging experience with our friends and colleagues. Given the level of interest, I suspect you will find many new Jacksonville area clients in the months to come.

Your equipment and boat set-up are outstanding and your guide skills and client service are simply excellent. Taylor's first flounder gigging experience is one he will not forget! Thanks for a great time.

Jeffrey P. Watson, Esq.
Jacksonville, Florida

Michael Anderson & Daniel VizcainoMichael Anderson & Daniel Vizcaino
Charter Trip Date:
Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hi Captain,

   We just wanted to say "thank you" for the great time we had gigging from The Flounder Barge tonight! As you know, we had originally put our older 12' Jon boat in the water at the Big Talbot Island boat ramp to go flounder gigging ourselves.

   But, as luck would have it our (outboard) motor just would not start. After many repeated attempts, including using starting fluid, the battery was wearing down trying to crank it.

   You noticed our dilemma and decided to charter your boat, The Flounder Barge because of the problems we were having with our boat.

   We had the most incredible night of Flounder Gigging ever aboard your Barge, even though we have been gigging for a long time. We are used to seeing only a little bit of the bottom at one time with our underwater light bulbs, but with the candlepower of your Barge, we could see for about a 40' radius around the boat! The high-powered Halogen lights made the bottom crystal-clear, and we could not even imagine that such a big boat could float in only 4" of water with that air-motor set-up you've got.

   Thanks again for a great time, we got a cooler full of Flounder and we will hand out your business cards and tell everyone how you turned a doomed night where our motor broke down to our greatest Flounder Gigging night yet!

   Captain Mac - Thanks for the email and pictures. We are sharing your website and our enjoyable flounder gigging experience with our friends and colleagues. Given the level of interest, I suspect you will find many new Jacksonville area clients in the months to come. Your equipment and boat set-up are outstanding and your guide skills and client service are simply excellent. Taylor's first flounder gigging experience is one he will not forget! Thanks for a great time.

Jeff Watson, Michael Anderson and Daniel Vizcaino
Amelia Island Residents

Charles Smith and FamilyCharles Smith
& Family

Charter Trip Date:
Sunday, July 11, 2004

Captain Mac,

  My Father, Murray, my wife, Dori and I had a fantastic time as we all celebrated Dori's recent birthday aboard your Flounder Barge. I own a Polar fiberglass boat and am an avid fisherman but had no idea of that such a big (and I mean "BIG") boat could really float in only 4" of water!

  The views were totally awesome as we quietly air-motored along the salt water marshlands. We were able to enjoy seeing all types of marine life under the bright lights while you skillfully navigated over oyster shell beds, through the marsh grass and over an alternating sandy and muddy sea floor.

  When the tide was up, you air-motored us through the thick marsh grass where we gigged some huge mullet. When the wind picked up, you navigated us to a protected beach cove where we gigged a lot of nice flounder, one after another. Captain Mac, the trip was a great success, and you can count on our going flounder gigging with you again real soon!

Charles, Dori, & Murray Smith

Bill Clegg & FamilyBill Clegg & Family
Charter Trip Date:
Sunday, July 11, 2004

Captain Mac,

  Our "Flounder Gigging Adventure" was just incredible! We had three generations of family in our charter group, and everyone had a wonderful time.

  According to Paul, (the 16-yr old at left, holding the flounder), "this is a great outdoor alternative, because there are not that many things for kids our age to do at night-time."

  From Bill, the Father, "the whole trip was well-executed. You had the Flounder Barge in the water at the boat ramp waiting for us at sunset, taught us Flounder Gigging 101 and we ended up the night with a cooler full of delicious flounder!

Paul, Brian, Scott, Joe, Bill ,& Michael Clegg
Fairfax, Virginia

Dave Williams and FamilyDave Williams
& Family

Charter Trip Date:
Monday July 4, 2004

Captain Mac,

  We had a great time on our trip! I have the mullet in brine ready to smoke tomorrow morning. We are having a fish fry this week with the flounder, sheepshead and drum.

  I just can't say in words how much fun the boys and I had but big smiles break out every time they tell someone about the trip! The trip was super and your flounder barge is best purpose built boat we've ever seen. 
Thanks again and we look forward to our next trip!

Dave Williams and sons Eric, Evan and Eli
Fayetteville, Georgia

P.S. The pics are great! Lots of people will see them.

Lisa Sawyer and FamilyLisa Sawyer
& Family

Charter Trip Date:
Saturday, June 18, 2004

Capt Mac Daniel,

  Thank you for a wonderful family gigging adventure!! When the kids and I were brainstorming on what to do for Father's Day, they suggested fishing as a good Father/Son activity. Since we don't own any fishing equipment, I didn't think much of that idea until I found your website.

  It looked perfect since you provided the equipment and I thought the kids would enjoy the gigging more so than "regular" fishing (8 and 10 year olds can have really short attention spans)! I could say many nice things about our experience. Your boat is very clean and comfortable, which I enjoyed.

  You were very patient with both the children and the 'inexperienced' adults, which we all appreciated. We all had a fun Father's Day experience and Dad was certainly surprised. We are not fisherman by any stretch of the imagination, but I vow that is the way to go! Our teenager had a wonderful time.

  He enjoyed everything from seeing the night sky out where the lights of civilization are far behind, to the "hunting" for the flounder and knowing he had a hand in catching dinner (the flounder and sheepshead were delicious!)

  Thank you again. We look forward to going again as I think the experience will be great even as the kids get bigger!!

Lisa Sawyer
Jacksonville, Florida

Steve Peddicord Steve Peddicord
& Sons

Charter Trip Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Capt. Mac,

   A belated note to let you know we truly enjoyed our flounder gigging trip on 6/15/04. This was our first experience at flounder gigging although we have gigged frogs at home for many years now. My two sons and I not only enjoyed gigging the 10 flounder we got, but Capt. Mac was very nice and did everything he could to insure we were having a good time.

   The kids were especially excited to see their photos on the web site and show their friends when we got home. I would highly recommend a night of gigging if you are the out-of-doors type and enjoy the water. It was truly an experience we will always remember as a family.
Thanks Capt. Mac!

The Peddicords
Albany Kentucky

Kevin HastingsKevin Hastings

Capt Mac,

  We had a wonderful time on the "Flounder Barge" on Sunday evening. Several business/corporate buddies of mine and our kids went out for our first flounder gigging experience and it was great. While the flounder gigging started out a bit slow, there were plenty on other things to see and to keep the kids entertained. We saw jellyfish, stingrays, eels, many different species of fish, etc.

   And as it got a bit later, we started really gigging the flounder and the sheepshead. My son (Cole) is already asking when we can go again!

Kevin Hastings
Vice-President & Corporate Event Coordinator
The Suddath Companies Jacksonville, Florida

Carolee PearceCarolee Pearce

   "Capt Mac really knows how to find the Flounder. We departed at Sunset on the Flounder Barge on Thanksgiving Day. It is so hard to believe that you can float right over a Flounder and pull it into the boat with only a gig!

   In addition to Flounder, we saw small Sharks, Needlefish, Sheepshead and some beautiful Redfish. It was the most fun I've ever had on a Charter Fishing trip, and we plan to go again the next we visit Amelia Island!"

Carolee Pearce
Atlanta, Georgia