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The Reid Family
The Reid Family Flounder Experience - They were featured in the NEWSLEADER Newspaper

The Cowling Party
Dr. Jim Cowling gang
 win the grand prize with their
beautiful flounder

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Flounder Gigging

"WOODY" Wilson
went flounder gigging with Captain Mac Daniel recently.
The Charter was a gift from his son.
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Flounder Gigging Charters

Flounder Gigging Charters!

Our normal charter time is 4 hours. Ask about our extended-time programs for the serious Sportsman!
We have been known to stay out Flounder Gigging ALL NIGHT LONG!

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A Flounder Gigging Adventure

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Flounder in the sands of Amelia Island

Please email or call us at (904) 277-3050 if you need any assistance or with any of your Flounder Gigging  questions or to charter your FLOUNDER GIGGING ADVENTURE!

The Flounder Barge Awaits You!


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 Sunset means "Time to go Flounder Gigging!"
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  Just when you begin to fully-appreciate the relaxation of a night-time cruise, you are nudged back to the reality of being on a Flounder Gigging trip as we glide up to a sizeable flounder laying motionless, and in plain view, on the sandy bottom below.
  Your heart will pound, and, as you suddenly notice the whirring sound of the air fan motor, you will think the flounder is going to hear it and dart away.
  However, the fan motor makes less noise to the flounder than even a trolling motor would, because the fan motor does not interact with the water.
  A few seconds later, you gig the large flounder and the shallow water below will explode into a turmoil of splashing sand and cloudiness. Hang on to the gig tight, it's a "doormat" flounder, and they fight hard.
  Only until you maneuver and bring the sizeable fish up and into the boat, will your
expectations of the adventure and fun of Flounder Gigging be realized.
  After some "high fives" with your party and digital pictures by Captain Daniel, your eyes will be once again glued to the sandy bottom below as you anticipate when another "doormat" flounder will next be seen underneath the bright Halogen bow lights.
  And, we wouldn't expect anything less from a new Graduate of Flounder Gigging 101!
   As we depart the marina at sunset, a unique, night-time adventure awaits you.
  You will notice the silhouettes of shoreline landmarks, multi-lighted sights, timed sounds of the channel buoys and the brightness of the stars and moon when away from distracting city lights.
 Messy sunscreen is not a requirement, as you will not be subjected to the uncomfortable and harmful ultraviolet rays of the hot, day-time sun.
 There is no smelly bait to handle, nor complicated rods, reels, fishing lines or knots to configure.
  You are just enjoying the cool and crisp air of the night as we quietly cruise along the salt water marshlands.
  We will air motor up to a nearby marsh bed, and Captain Mac Daniel will proceed to teach you Flounder Gigging 101.
  After each party has taken a few well-aimed stabs at a select patch of marsh grass with the gig, you will have graduated with honors.
  You are now ready to participate in the fine art of Flounder Gigging, as we search for the elusive, large Flounder (doormat).
 You will be amazed at how shallow our aluminum boat, the Flounder Barge, can float with several people on board and next you'll wonder if it will ever rub on the sand or mud below.
 An array of fascinating marine activity provides a unique form of entertainment underneath the powerful, bottom-revealing lights of the Flounder Gigging boat.
  Other than Flounder, you will see many marine creatures, such as Sea Turtles, Sting Rays, small Sharks, Red Fish, Shrimp, Black Drum, Jellyfish, Mullet, Needle Fish, shells of every type and much, much more!